Velociraptor was a bipedal predatory dinosaur which lived in Mongolia during the Cretaceous Period. Despite its

Velcoiraptors as well as many other dinosaur species resemble the Player

small size, it was a fearsome predator able to bring down prey larger than itself, due to the fact that it hunted in packs. It was closely related to the common day turkey and even had feathers covering its body. It is one of the most famous dinosaurs, since it appeared in Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park series, in which it is the main villain. It probably hunted and ate herbivore dinosaurs like the Protoceratops, Saichania, Talarurus, Pinacosaurus and Goyocephale. It was one of the most intelligent dinosaurs. On its second toe was a very large claw which it used to attack its prey and make it lose blood. Unlike other Deinonychosauria, its skull resembled more that of a crocodile.

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