T-rex hat

the T-rex hat


Tyrannosaurus Skeleton

Tyranosaurus Rex was a large bipedal, therapodal dinosaur which lived in North America. Many paleontologists disagree as to whether it was a predator or a scavenger. Despite its large size, it was not very fast and had very short arms with two fingers on each hand. It was one of the last dinosaurs to live on Earth. It had powerful jaws and teeth that could crush bone. It also had a very acute sense of smell and eyesight. All this features made it one of the most powerful and well adapted therapods of its time.Tyrannosaurus is not featured in the game, possibly because it received extinction before the game began. There are many reasons on how T-Rex could have died out so quickly, but it was probably that Tyrannosaurus was like Parasaurolophus and had extreme vulnerablity to meteors. Because the T-Rex is not present in the Game, the Player  is the only therapodal dinosaur in the game (however, the Player also eats plants, so it is more of an omnivore; and it feeds off of small Critters , which are more abundant and easier to eat than the large prey T-Rex may have hunted). Although Tyrannosaurus is not featured in the game (except for a skeleton in level 3) T-Rex has an egg, the T-Rex Egg , which can be found in a small cave. It is arguably the most well-kn
Preview of New T-rex in Dinorun 201:09

Preview of New T-rex in Dinorun 2


own dinosaur in popular culture.

The real t-rex that will be out in dino run 2


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