Twin Peaks is one of the few volcanic levels in the Dino

Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks


500 (Previously 750)

Super Eggs:

  • Magno Eggs



Run game and has, like the name suggests, two peaks. The Magno Egg can be found in the volcano on the second hill. Twin Peaks costs 750 Bones. This is one of the hardest speedruns.

Landscape Edit

Twin peaks has dry, volcanic terrain. The land is black and the sky is orange. Mountains are very steep.

Some landmarks found here:

  • Volcano

Strategy Edit

Twin Peaks is considered the toughest level of all speedruns, because of the large boulders and meteors, and the very steep mountains. Starting the speedrun there will always be a mountain at the start. Climbing the mountain will take up valuable time, so try to catch lifts from pterodactyls at every opportunity. When not flying, constantly press the jump button to get over the steepest parts.

Easy mode Edit

Easy mode is not too hard. Meteors spawn least when you are playing Easy mode. To finish this speedrun, have at least 3 Speed, 5 Accel, 4 Jump, and 3 Strength.

Medium mode Edit

Medium mode is fine. But be careful of meteors and boulders, which spawn normally on Medium mode. Large meteors and boulders will also spawn. Have at least 4 speed, 5 Accel, 5 Jump, and 4 Strength for best chances of success.

Hard mode Edit

Hard mode is tough. Having trouble climbing will cause problems - Wall of Doom will come quick if you are not climbing the mountains. Have Maxed out stats and 250 spare DNA for a jump boost when pressing shift.

Insane mode Edit

Insane mode is going to be very tough. It is recommended that you have maxed out your stats, and have 500 spare DNA for an additional strength boost when pressing shift. Pterodactyls will be very helpful to skip climbing large parts of the hills. Activating nighttime and meteor storm can be hardest, as many large meteors will block your way, and burning dactyls will be harder to spot.

Trivia Edit

  • Old version of the game. Volcano can be found on the top of the second hills. While current version of the game. Volcano has rare chance to spawn on the top of the second hills.
  • Twin peaks has share with the same titles with insane apocalypse sky. and music.
  • Current version of the game. Cost of twin peaks has reduced from 750 to 500 bones. While old version of the game. it still costs 750 bones.