Tar pits are pools of, well, tar that you can usually find Diplodocus in. You can use the Diplodocus' long necks to get across some tar pits. Other tar
A tar pit

A Brachiosaurus in a tar pit

pits, however, have no Diplocodus in them and consist only of the tar itself and rocks. When encountering tar pits, the player must jump from rock to rock across the pit. If a player is to miss the rocks and land in the tar, the player will not sink in and die (unlike the Diplocodus and Brachiosaurus in some tar pits, however you will die if you are in tar and are hit by the wall of doom) and are still maneuverable, but will move much slower than usual. The better the speed, the faster you move in tar pits.

Actual Tar PitsEdit

The real life tar pits are actually a "death trap" for any animals that mistake it for a body of water or the corpse of an animal as a so-called "easy lunch"(called a predator trap) because the asphault forms a black, sticky liquid that is thick enough to trap even mammoths into it's relentless grip and eventually kill them by suffocation. Then said victim would be added to it's collection of skeletons and can be used as bait so that the carnivores would fall for it's attractions and end up trapping itself.. The most famous tar pits are the Le Brea tar pits of LA. It is debatable if tar pits really existed during the times of the dinosaurs, as evidence shows that pits of sticky mud existed during the time, and would do the exact same thing to the dinosaurs. Some examples of this are the Cleveland Dinosaur Quarry & the Gobi Desert Dinosaur Death Traps. It is strange that the player raptor is seemingly immune to the tar pits, while the Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus are not.