Zquote"Practice your surfing skills."

Surfing Safari is a SE Speedrun where the doomwall comes before the meteor even hits. The description says

Surfing Safari



Super Eggs




"Practice your surfing skills". There are very few obstacles.

Also. This is shortest speedrun where you were not supposed to go back.

Landscape Edit

  • The sky has purple and red. and black ground and dead trees.

Strategy Edit

Easy and short speed run. This is speedrun where you cannot go back and get eggs.

Easy Edit

Medium Edit

Hard Edit

Insane Edit

Insane is going to be tough. It is Recommend have maxed out stats and 250 DNA to make it much easier.

Insane mode will not allowed to go turn back and collect eggs. but you may collect it. not going back.

Etymology Edit

  • The Swahili word safari means journey, originally from the Arabic سفرية (safarīyah) meaning a journey: the verb for "to travel" in Swahili is kusafiri. These words are used for any type of journey, e.g. by bus from Nairobi to Mombasa or by ferry from Dar es Salaam to Unguja. Safari entered the English language at the end of the 1850s thanks to Richard Francis Burton, the famous explorer.

Trivia Edit

  • Safari is web browser developed by apple inc. included with the OS X and iOS operating systems.
  • Starting message is changed in multiplayer. The description says "I feel a Draft..." only multiplayer mode.