Supersaurus was a sauropod dinosaur which lived in North America during the Jurassic Period. It is among the largest dinosaurs known from good remains, possibly reaching 33 to 34 meters in lenght and a weight of 35 to 40 tons. Its fossils have benn found in the Morrison formation of Colorado. It was bigger than Argentinosaurus, but was smaller than Amphicoelias, the biggest dinosaur ever discovered. It can very rarely be seen in the main menu, but oddly cannot be found anywhere in the actual game, in exception to the alien spaceship on Beyond Apocalypse. However, the Bronto Egg at the end of Beyond Apocalypse is believed to belong to a Supersaurus, but this has never clearly been stated but a big tan one also appear in the picture and the menu.

Similarities to BrachiosaurusEdit

In the Dino Run Game, Supersaurus looks very similar to and can easily be mistaken for a Brachiosaurus. Although

The Bands or Stripes on a Brachiosaurus's Neck

there is not a clear distinction between the two two species in the game, it can be assumed that the Brachiosaurus is different than the Supersaurus, because of two or three bands or stripes on the Brachiosaurus's neck. Brachiosaurus is found on many levels, including a meteor on level 5, while Supersaurus is only found on the main menu and Beyond Apocalypse when you beat this level.

Alien SpaceshipEdit

On the Alien Spaceship in Beyond Apocalypse, there is a family of Supersaurus with two children.
Family of supersaurus

The Family of Supersaurus

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