So, this can be known as like a theory in some ways but, this is basically the story of Dino Run.

Once upon a time, Dinos roamed the earth resuming their everyday lives until...

Suddenly doom a giant meteor crashed into the earth! The dinos ran altogether some made it some didn't The dinos traversed through many lands even Beyond Apocalypse lands (btw this is where it gets really theoretical) The dinos boarded a strange spaceship where they were finally safe. The spaceship is flown to somewhere called Planet D the home of the aliens in Dino Run. The Aliens wanted to save the dinos. The aliens had a time machine on their ship to travel to anytime anywhere. The ship now belonged to the dinos to play escaping extinction all over again for fun! They raced each other to who can get to the sanctuary fastest. This was Multiplayer.

How Dino Run works is, the aliens go to different timelines to save dinos from different time periods and take them to the other dinos when you're on insnane mode

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