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The Spotted Sauropod is a large dino used as a bridge during the s
Spotted sauropod

The player riding a Parasaurolophus in the spotted sauropod.

peedrun Ptero Storm. It appears to be similar to a supersaurus, however the supersaurus rarely appears in the game, and only appears in the main menu, and inside the alien spaceship. This makes the sauropod appear to be more similar to Brachiosaurus, which contain two or three bands or stripes along their neck, unlike the supersaurus, which does not contain any markings. However, because this Sauropod does not contain stripes, it is not considered a Brachiosaurus. We're pretty sure it's a Deinodon, meaning "terrible tooth", a Sauropod dinosaur that grew spots when it was about 5-7 years old.


Like the many other sauropods in Dino Run, the Spotted Sauropod was used as a bridge across a crater. The sauropod appears to be closer in resemblance to Brachiosaurus, and does not have any physical similarities with Diplodocus or Amphicoelias, other than being a sauropod.