The Secret Survival is one of the two dino sanctuaries that can be found in the large volcano (along with paradise).
Surival secret

Secret Survival

To get to it, go inside the lower entrance to the volcano, left along the tunnel above (Like you are going to Dino Paradise). Then instead of going right, break through the dead end to your left and move along that tunnel. This is somewhat different from the other sanctuaries because it is grassy, has a purple backround and is blocked by a meteor instead of a boulder. There is a large pool of water in the middle with fish. Above the water is a very large food delivery hole that drops runners. If you go across the pool there is a tunnel that delivers lizards.

How toEdit

To get to the Secret Survival you need max strength for you need to break through the wall, and nothing else works. Only rock particle effects happen if you don't have max strength.

You cannot get to it if you're on easy mode because it has only 6 levels; removing the Apocalypse level (level 7).