Rainin' Lizards is the third speedrun in the Dino Run game. It comes after Out To Pasture and Salty Flats.

Rainin' Lizards
Rainin Liards


300 (Previously 500)

Super Eggs:

  • Rinch Eggs
  • T-Rex Eggs



As the title suggests, lizards are constantly raining in this level, making it a useful run to get Lizards Chomped milestones, as well as DNA. This speedrun costs 500 bones. It is highly recommended to buy this as one of your first levels.

Note that Rainin' Lizards on Dino Run SE is more difficult.

Landscape Edit

Rainin' Lizards is a lot like Out to Pasture, except with more hills, and occasional extra landmarks.

Some Landmarks are found in Rainin' Lizards

Trivia Edit

  • Rainin' lizards is currently the only Speedrun level that spawns many, many lizards.
  • In the current version of the game. The cost of Rainin' Lizards has been reduced to 300 from 500.
  • The Giga egg can be found on this speedrun.