If you press 2, a question mark will appear above your Dino's head.

Unlike the Exclamation Mark, this will ONLY appear if you actually press a key.


Syriac question mark

a Syriac question mark

The question mark was created in the Syriac language around the fifth century. It became widely used in Europe in the eighth century. In the
Question mark

Evolution of the Question Mark

middle ages, it transformed into a lowercase q above a lowercase o. It was not until the eighteenth century that the modern symbol began to be used.


Besides Dino Run, question marks are used in games such as chess and Scrabble.

How it Was Inspired For Dino RunEdit

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Design Example Created by Rich Grillotti

The question mark idea came from the creator of the Dino Run dinosaurs Rich Grillotti. It was created to give the dinos more emotion along with the Exclamation Mark. Edit

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