Not to be confused with Dactyl Dodge.

Ptero Storm
Ptero Storm on Medium difficulty.


250 (Previously 500)

Super Eggs:

  • Rinch Egg
  • T-Rex Egg
  • Alien Egg
  • Spino Egg
  • Iguano Egg
  • Oloro Egg
  • Gigano Egg



Ptero Storm is a speedrun in Dino Run that was fittingly titled after its extremely high Pterodactyl spawn rate. This is the best level for Dactyl Chaining and collecting Dactyl eggs. This level costs 500 bones in single player, and it can be unlocked on multiplayer at level 7. Due to the high dactyl spawn, it is significantly easier than the rest of the speedruns.

On higher difficulties, more Pterodactyls appear, making Dactyl Chaining less difficult, but increasing the speed of the wall of doom.

Landscape Edit

Ptero Storm is much like Level 4, excluding the higher dactyl rate and extra hills. The terrain is teal, and the skies are blue.

Landmarks found in Ptero Storm include:

  • Kooky Caverns
  • Waterfall Caverns
  • Pond Destruction
  • Tar Pit
  • Egg Tunnel
  • Yellow Impact
  • Diplodocus Tar Pit
  • Brachiosaurus Tar Pit
  • Stego Pond
  • Tricera Flats
  • Canyon

Strategy Edit

Ptero Storm is quite simple, but tricky. Pterodactyls will always appear every level depending on how high the difficulty setting is. The higher the difficulty, the more dactyls will appear. Kooky Caverns makes the level more difficult, and Tricera Flats makes it much trickier. It is advised to ride dactyls in order to avoid the wall of doom, since it seems to move quicker than usual.

Easy Edit

Easy mode is a bit basic, with a lower dactyl spawn. It is advised not to ride the pterodactyls on this difficulty level, unless you happen to be a beginner with low Speed.

Medium Edit

Medium mode is more manageable, with a moderate dactyl rate. It is recommended to ride them if you want the speedrun to be easier. Alternatively, the following stats or better: 2 speed, 3 accel, 2 jump, and 2 strength should allow you to finish this run without hitching a ride.

Hard Edit

Hard mode is what it is: hard. Riding dactyls will be important here. Since the wall of doom is considerably faster, you should have at least 4 speed, 5 accel, 4 jump, and 3 strength to finish the speedrun.

Insane Edit

Insane mode is obviously the hardest difficulty, making for the hardest version of the run. It is especially suggested to ride the dactyls here. Since the wall of doom is faster than all of the other modes, it is recommended to have maxed out stats and 500 DNA to smoothly finish this level.

Trivia Edit

  • Ptero Storm has the highest spawn of pterodactyls in the game.
  • Ptero Storm is the last multiplayer speedrun that you can unlock. There remain no other speedruns after unlocking this one.
  • In the current version of the game, the cost of Ptero Storm is reduced to 250 from 500.

Video Edit

Dino Run—Ptero Storm—Multiplayer

Dino Run—Ptero Storm—Multiplayer

Ptero storm multiplayer