This article is about the gamemode. Were you looking for the speedrun planet D?

Planet D is the third Game Mode in Dino Run. It was introduced in SE and reappears in DX. It is significantly more difficult than Challenge Mode, with each level having its own gimmick.


1: ArrivalEdit

(Description: Something weird is going on)

This level is similar to the original Planet D speedrun, except that the boulders are not turned into balloons.

2: Balloony LoonsEdit

(Description: Light as a feather)

In this level, all boulders are turned into balloons, making them much lighter and bouncier.

3: Hot Dactyl MessEdit

(Description: Use the force)

This level is similar to Ptero Storm and Dactyl Dodge. As well as high numbers of red-hot Dactyls to dodge, the level features massive swarms of Dactyls, making it possible to get very high Dactyl Chains.

4: After MidnightEdit

(Description: Let's Cuddle)

This level is similar to Nightfall, taking place entirely at night. The darkness makes it harder to see where one is going.

5: Rollin' on DEdit

(Description: Good morning boulders)

This level is similar to High Rollin', featuring large amounts of boulders and meteors for the player to dodge.

6: Meltdown DerbyEdit

(Description: Doo Daa)

This level is similar to Meteor Meltdown and Dino Derby. The player must dodge large amounts of meteor strikes as well as large herds of Triceratops and Stegosaurus.

7: Paradise LostEdit

(Description: Don't look back)

This level uses the background of paradise. In this final level, the Doom Wall starts off mere seconds behind the player, meaning that one mistake can spell disaster.

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  • Planet D on easy is nearly as hard as Challenge Insane.
  • (Only tested on certain levels) The Doom Wall on easy travels as fast as on insane normally.