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This article is about the speedrun. Were you looking for the game mode Planet D?

Planet D
Plant D pic


After beating Insane challenge.

Super Eggs:

  • Spino Eggs
  • Gigano Eggs
  • Rinch Eggs
  • T-Rex Eggs
  • Alien Eggs



Planet D is a speedrun in the Dino Run game. It is only unlocked after you beat the Insane Challenge. In the last level of the Insane Challenge, the aliens save you and the other dinos in a giant UFO that brings you to the aliens' planet. On Planet D, the gravity is lower and the boulders are balloons, save for one like the one you need to take to get to the T-Rex Egg . You can still get Planet D if you completed the Insane Challenge with all cheats on. Up to 3 (!) Super Eggs can be found on. Many large dinos; like triceratops, trundle about in large herds.

This level is the longest speedrun. Also despite being a supposed safe haven, the Wall of Doom still exists. Oddly, there are no aliens here despite being their aliens' planet.

Landscape Edit

Planet D is new land of the dinosaurs where animals and critters live here.

The terrain is brown and dry. And the sky is red. The background is blue hills.

Some landmarks are found here in planet D.

  • Fiery Impact
  • Kooky Caverns
  • Brachio Tar Pit
  • Egg Tunnel
  • Yellow Impact
  • Canyon
  • Pond Destruction
  • Diplo Tar Pit
  • Boost Cliff
  • Diplo Crater

Strategy Edit

Planet D is seen to be one of the most tedious and time consuming speedruns in the game. Low gravity, mega jump and top speed are all active during the run. The higher the difficulty is set, the more Dactyls, Stegosaurs and Triceratops will appear.

Insane mode is going to be very hard. Since there are a lot of stegosaurus and triceratops, it is recommended that you have maxed-out stats and 500 DNA to make it much easier. Activating Lights Out and Meteor Storm can make it significantly trickier. If Stegosaurus and triceratops block your way, use a 500 DNA shift. Pterodactyl can help you to pass over stegosaurus and triceratops. Hopefully, you will survive!
Large Dinos in Plant D

Large Dinos in Planet D.

Chaos Edit

The more difficult you choose the speedrun to be, the bigger the chaos is. On Insane, there are critters, large dinos, eggs, meteorites, and balloons flying everywhere, making it harder to navigate. Sometimes there are so many rocks and dinos you fall through the floor and have to restart, if you go in one of the narrower tunnels. This is also where it is most likely to see lizards and large dinos walking through walls.

Trivia Edit

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