Parasaurolophus Pic

Parasaurolophus Stand

Type: Large dino
Speed: Fast
Ability: Allows players to mount them.
Mobile? Yes
Edible? No
Special level: Dino Derby

The Parasaurolophus is a large dino in Dino Run. They are orange, biped dinos and are identified by its crest on its head.


The Parasaurolophus will always appear behind you, and they usually outrun player with no speed upgrades. They can also jump whenever something is in the way (such as small volcanic cones), but most of the time they will jump into the opposite direction after colliding with an obstacle. Like the Stegosaurus and the Triceratops, they can only survive small meteors and die when hit by a larger meteor. It cannot killed by strength boost. however. it can be killed by player after reaching sanctuaries.

Multiplayer Edit

The Parasaurolophus will appear only in Volcanic flats and death crater. Instead of appearing behind you.


Parasaurolophus Ride

The player has the ability to mount the Parasaurolophus by landing onto its back. While mounted, the player is able to control and do a few things such as jumping. However, the player cannot eat critters or collect small eggs on the ground (only when your dino itself touches it), which can be a problem when you're trying to collect milestones.

You can only mount the Parasaurolophus for a small duration of time (10-15 secs). So when it's done riding with you, it will lower its head, launch you into the air and stops. You can mount it again, but it's not worth it since the Wall of Doom will catch up into you.

Special levelsEdit

The Parasaurolophus, unlike many dinosaurs and critters, does not have a special level of its own. Levels like Dino Derby is where Parasaurolophuses spawn frequently.


  • Parasaurolophuses can't destroy boulders or meteorites, unlike other dinos.
  • If you reach the middle of the screen while mounting a Parasaurolophus, it will automatically launch you, no matter for how long you were riding it.
  • The Parasaurolophus was a species of crested hadrosaurs (duck billed dinosaur) that lived in North America during the Cretaceous Period. They were herbivores that walked both as a biped and a quadruped.
  • A family of Parasaurolophuses can be found in the UFO, but instead they appear in different colors.
  • After dismounting the dinosaur, it will sit down and will only run if someone mount it again.


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