Zquote"Avoid all other Dinos."

Nobody Likes You



Super Eggs:

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Nobody likes you is a SE Speedrun where all creatures hurt the player (except ones that you ride.)

Despite hurting of you.

the player, he/she can still eat critters and birds.

Landscape Edit

Nobody Likes is You is the plains. Land where you been hated for hating dinos. The terrain is teal and wet. And the sky is sunset.

There is no landmarks in Nobody Likes You.

Strategy Edit

Easy Edit

Medium Edit

Hard Edit

Insane Edit

Insane is going to be very hard. It is recommended to have max out stats and 500 DNA that can much easier.

Since insane on nobody likes you can be very hard. Some Animals and critters can hurt you. Except for Pterodactyl and worms. Animals can follow you. Even for critters. When Animals are coming. Simply jump for stegosaurus and triceratops. eat critters and birds. but they can still hurt you. Nighttime and Meteor storm can be much more difficult. if you managed to finish the speedrun. You Win!

Trivia Edit

  • The music changed to DoomSurf from PteroStorm in Multiplayer.
  • The Starting message changed in multiplayer. The description says "Avoid all creatures.".