Nightfall is the final speedrun to unlock in Dino Run, and it costs the most out of all the other speedruns at a

Nightfall DR


600 (Previously 1000)

Super Eggs:

  • Spino Egg
  • Rinch Egg
  • T-Rex Egg
  • Oloro Egg
  • Iguano Egg
  • Alien Egg
  • Giga Egg




A Stegosaurus on Nightfall

gargantuan 1000 Bones.Nightfall is considered an Insane speedrun, only because it has a special feature. Everything in this speedrun is silhouetted against a dark background. In fact, this is the only speedrun that normally has the Lights Out cheat normally activated. It is so dark that sometimes, you cannot see anything at all at certain points, making dodging obstacles very dangerous and difficult. This speedrun can be a lot easier if your Dino glows in the dark.There´s another dark stage its after midnight in nightfall stars glow.

Landscape Edit

Nightfall has a same layout form 4 level. Except. With more Landmarks. The terrain is green and dark. The background is mountain.

Some landmarks are found here are:

  • Fiery Impact
  • Kooky Caverns
  • Waterfall Cave
  • Brachio Tar Pit
  • Egg Tunnel
  • Yellow Impact
  • Diplo Tar Pit
  • Canyon
  • Destruction Pond
  • Boost Cliff
  • Diplo Crater

Strategy Edit

Nightfall speedrun is a hard level. Lights out will always active in this level. Making it hard to dodge obstacles. Except for Meteor.

To make it much easier: Have your dinos glows in the dark.

Easy Mode Edit

Medium Mode Edit

Hard Mode Edit

Insane Mode Edit

Insane mode is going to very hard. It is recommended have maxed out stats and 500 DNA.

Trivia Edit

  • The music has been removed in current version of the game. Excluding multiplayer.
  • The nightfall has only speedrun has activated lights out.