Moderators or "Mods" are people that patrol Multiplayer servers, to keep everything under control. They will appear in striped names, but moderators can just as easily turn their stripes off. They will also usually have very high scores and will act as a normal player.

There are many moderators in service, and they include:

Arusaur, Piggy7, Dino 101, Trexman280 , Rexoplex, Dinomoderator, KuroHeisetsu, iRicebunny, DerangedCoffee, Outlawbyname, Trexman, WeekendMovie, and Shawshark.

There are probably more, but these are all we know up to date.

Ways to not get booted from the server:

  • Read and follow the rules
  • Do not spam. If a moderator doesnt stop you, the Anti-Spam will.

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