Meteor Meltdown
Amphicoelias DR

An amphicoelias.

Cost: 500 (Outdated) 300
Super Eggs: Magno Eggs

Meteor Meltdown is a volcanic speedrun in the Dino Run game. It costs 500 Bones.

This doesn't have the beginning of Apocalypse and the first volcano.

In this level there are several meteors one must watch for, making this level extremely difficult. 

Landscape Edit

Meteor Meltdown is volcanic area where meteor will spawn every level. The terrain is black and the sky is orange.

Some landmarks are found in Meteor Meltdown:.

  • Volcano

Strategy Edit

Meteor Meltdown is hard speedrun. Meteor storm will always activated. Meteor will stop you for running. Making it hard to critters. Meteor can kill critters.

Trivia Edit

  • In the ending of the level, for some reason, there is a rainbow dinosaur,
  • Meteor Meltdown share with same theme with level 6 medium.

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