Meteors are chunks of solid rock or minerals in space which have been caught by the orbit of a planet (or other satellites) and have collided with it. In Dino Run, the game begins with a large meteor striking the planet and

Large and Medium Mobile Meteors on High Roll'n

creating the Wall of Doom, as well as triggering volcanic activity, which the player must avoid. Smaller meteors can be found throughout the game. There are two basic types.

Mobile MeteoritesEdit

These behave the same way as regular boulders and come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Like all meteors, they are red/orange and give off steam as they move. Meteors have the special function of being able to kill mobile creatures. The size of the creature dictates which size(s) of meteor can kill it. If one is able to direct a meteor to kill a creature, one can receive Bones for the kill. If a mobile meteor falls into water, it will be cooled off, changing to a white-brown color and losing its killing properties. The small and medium meteors can also be seen being churned out of the volcano's' craters, acting like molten material.

Impact MeteorsEdit

Impact meteors are characterized by striking the ground, affecting the terrain itself. While these meteors cannot move, they will usually kick up multiple small/medium mobile meteors. Mobile creatures who are in the direct way of an impact meteor will be killed. One huge version in level 4 dries up an entire pond.
Boulder Rock DR

Multiple craters created by impact meteors.

A meteor about to strike

A meteor about to strike.