Speedruns are small individual levels that you can unlock with the bones you earn. Most of them have a very unique

feature, like Rainin' Lizards, which literally is raining lizards. When you beat a speedrun, an egg will apear next to its name on the selection screen. A bronze egg is Medium, a silver egg is Hard, and a gold egg is Insane. No egg appears whe you beat the level on easy. You unlock crowns for your dino when you have earned all of the eggs for the speedruns. Purchasing dinorun SE will unlock a few more special speedruns.To unlock the Planet D you have to beat the Challenge Mode in Insane diffculty.

List of speedruns and their difficultyEdit

Speedrun Cost Survival Difficulty Stub Article
Out To Pasture N/A Easy Yes
Salty Flats 75 Bones Easy Yes
Rainin' Lizards 500 Bones MediumEgg Yes
The Valley 150 Bones MediumEgg Yes
Dino Mountain 100 Bones MediumEgg Yes
Stego Stampede 250 Bones MediumEgg Yes
Up and Down 150 Bones MediumEgg Yes
Tricera Trouble 250 Bones MediumEgg Yes
Ptero Storm 500 Bones Easy No
Uphill Battle 250 Bones HardEgg Yes
Meteor Meltdown 500 Bones HardEgg No
Longest Mile 250 Bones HardEgg Yes
Bombs Away 400 Bones HardEgg Yes
Death Crater 750 Bones IntenseEgg Yes
Dactyl Dodge 400 Bones IntenseEgg Yes
High Rollin' 600 Bones IntenseEgg Yes
Twin Peaks 750 Bones IntenseEgg No
Minefields 350 Bones IntenseEgg Yes
Dino Derby 500 Bones IntenseEgg Yes
Nightfall 1000 Bones IntenseEgg No
Planet D ? IntenseEgg No

*Planet D is unlocked without any Bones, and is listed ? bones in-game.It can be unlocked by beating challenge on Insane!.


Easy-No egg




List of SE Speedruns and their Difficulty Edit

Some Speedruns are added in Dino Run SE.

Speedrun Cost Survival Difficulty Stub Article
Circus Tryouts 100 Bones Easy Yes
The Hitchhiker 200 Bones Easy Yes
Rampage 250 Bones Easy Yes
Eggs of Doom 300 Bones Yes
Surfing Safari 200 Bones Yes
Nobody Likes You 400 Bones Yes

List of removed Speedruns and difficulty Edit

Some speedruns removed in the current version of the game.

Speedrun Cost Survival Difficulty Stub
Tricera Trouble 250 Bones Yes
Uphill Battle 250 Bones Yes
Longest Mile 250 Bones Yes

List of Non-Menu Speedruns and Difficulty Edit

Some Speedruns are not present in the Singleplayer main menu.

Speedrun Cost Survival Difficulty Stub
Meltdown Derby N/A Yes
Hot Dactyl Mess N/A Yes
Forest O Fun N/A Yes
Rollin' on D N/A Yes
Volcanic Flats N/A Yes
After Midnight N/A No

List of Planet D mode Speedruns Edit

Main Article: Planet D (Mode)

Some Speedruns are only presented in Planet D mode.

Speedrun Cost Survival Difficulty Stub
Rollin' On D N/a Yes
Hot Dactyl Mess N/A Yes
Meltdown Derby N/A Yes
After Midnight N/A Yes
Balloony Loons N/A Yes

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