The tricera flats.

Landmarks are sections of terrain that are unique. It appears that these Landmarks are not bound by particular levels, but are loaded randomly.

Some Landmarks (note: these are unofficial names):

- Diplo Tar Pit: a little tar pit that uses a Diplo as a bridge.

- Diplo Crater


The Amphicoelias bridge.

- Egg Tunnel: a tunnel wich can contais 5-9 eggs and have the Rinch


The Diplo tar pit.


- Brachiosaurus Tar Pit

- Amphicoelias Bridge over crater: a diplo above a meteor. It acts like a tunnel/bridge, and can have 4-9 eggs under the Diplo and 3-7 eggs in the tunnel.

Spotted bridge

The first spotted amphicoelias bridge found in the game!

- Tricera Flats

- craters

- Alien Egg Meteor

- Double Impact

- Yellow Impact

- Pond Destruction

- Yellow Cliff (Boost Cliff)

- Three Hill Boost


The brachiosaur bridge.

- Rock Ledge

- Pond

- Stego Pond

- Small Pond