Iguanodon was a quadrupedal herbivore dinosaur which lived in Europe during the Cretaceous Period.It is famous for being the first dinosaur to be discovered and named.Its name means Iguana Tooth because its teeth resemble those of a iguana.It lived in England and was a herding animal.It was herbivorous and had a big claw on its thumb ,which it used to protect itself from predatory dinosaurs.It looked like a lizard version of a horse.It had a powerful beak which it used to feed on many prehistoric plants.Although many were living during the Cretaceous era, none are found in the game, so it is presumed that they were either killed off before the start of the game or went extinct after the first meteor landed and created the Wall of Doom. However, on level 4, you can find the Iguano Egg in the Waterfall Cave for 25 DNA.

Iguano egg

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