Iguano Egg

Iguano Egg Icon
Location: Inside the waterfall cave (level 4)
Rewards: 25 DNA

The Iguano Egg is a Super Egg in Dino Run. It is a green medium-sized egg with yellow stripes and dots on it.


The Iguano Egg can be found on level 4 in Waterfall Cave that also contains the Oloro Egg. There are only two ways possible to get this egg:

  • The easiest way is to climb on top of the waterfall and where the grass begins is a secret tunnel.
  • Another way is to get the jump boost right outside, as well as max out all five jump attributes. Turn back and jump up and your dino should get to the top.

On the platform where the Iguano egg can be found and there are some triceratops walking around. Upon receiving the egg, the player will earn 25 DNA.


  • It is unknown how the triceratops got in, but they might've fell in the secret passage or ran into the exit


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