Green lizards are the slowest lizards and the second slowest critters in Dino Run. Like the purple lizards and the brown lizards, they are the only critters that have their own speedrun, Rainin' Lizards.


Lizards are the primary food source in Dino Run. They act like runners, but faster. They are the only critters that has a speedrun, Rainin' Lizards. Lizards vary in colors from brown, green, and purple. It can be noted that the purple lizards are the fastest of them and are the hardest to catch. If Your Dino waits in a sanctuary, many lizards will come out, like the picture on the bottom right, as long as you do not eat them. This is easiest in the hard sanctuary but when you stay on the right top hole you can eat the runners and make it only contain lizards. This only works in a hard mode sanctuary.


The player can earn trophies for eating lizards.

Bronze: 100 lizards chomped

Silver: 250 lizards chomped

Gold: 500 lizards chomped

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