If you press 1, an exclamation mark will appear above your Dino's head. It also appears when you are within the wall of doom.

Exclamation mark Dino Run


It is unknown when this symbol was first created. The exclamation mark was created based on the latin

exclamation of joy (io). Its first known appearance occurred in the 

1720 Exclamation Mark

15th century known as "sign of admiration or exclamation". It was not until the mid 1700s that this symbol became popular. It was not included in the typewriter untill the 1970s.


The exclamation mark is used in hundreds of video games. It is also used in chess, Scrabble, and baseball.

How it Was Inspired For Dino RunEdit

LargeSmallExamples02 400

Design Example Created by Rich Grillotti

The exclamation mark idea came from the creator of the Dino Run dinosaurs Rich Grillotti. It was created to give the dinos more emotion along with the Question Mark , seeing as they don't speak.

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