Zquote"Don't Touch Em!"

Eggs of doom is a SE speedrun where dactyl eggs burn the player like a burning dactyl. Egg drops are also

Eggs of Doom



Super Eggs:

Spino Egg

T-Rex Egg



much more common and dactyls come in large groups. Also, The eggs Are Red.

Landscape Edit

Eggs of Doom is where a lot dactyls in this speedrun. The terrain is teal.

Some landmarks are founded in Eggs of Doom.

  • Kooky Caverns
  • Egg Tunnel
  • Diplo Tar Pit
  • Diplo Crater

Strategy Edit

Eggs of Doom where it changes on this speedrun. All eggs disappeared. Riding Pterodactyl will be disabled. Avoid Dactyl eggs. Stegosaurus and Triceratops is not present in this level. It will be easier to traverse.

Insane mode will be very hard. It is recommend have maxed stats and 500 DNA. Activating Lights out and Meteor Storm will be much harder.

Trivia Edit

  • Eggs of Doom has only speedrun that makes Pterodactyl Enemy.