Type: Large dino
Speed: None
Ability: None
Mobile? No
Edible? No
Special level: None

The Diplodocus is a large dino in Dino Run. They are notable for its very long neck and tail, making it the biggest dinos in the game.


There are two Diplodocuses found in different place, and they only appear in level 2 or 3.

  • The first one is seen standing on a large, black meteor in a crater. Its neck and tail provides a bridge for the player to cross over the crater, where a bunch of eggs can be found on a nest. You can also go into the crater which also has a secret passage that goes through the hill behind the Diplodocus.
  • The second one is in a tar pit, showing only the head, neck, upper body and tail. Like the first one, the Diplodocus itself is used as a bridge for the player to cross over the tar pit. However, you can accidentally go under his tail and let the Wall of Doom catch up into you, so make sure you're prepared to make a small jump over the tail.

Diplo EggEdit

Main Article: Diplo Egg.

The Diplodocus' egg, the Diplo Egg, can be found in the large volcano of the last level of the Medium or Hard Challenge. It is found in the left-side cave of the volcano top, so it shouldn't be difficult to get.


  • The Diplodocus was a sauropod that lived in western North America during the Late Jurassic Period. It is one of the biggest, but the longest vertebrae in the world.
  • It wasn't seen in the UFO, probably due to its massive size.
    • However, you can find them in Planet D like you see them normally. It might possibly be transported from a separate space ship.
    • Just like Brachiosaurus, there are some rarely Spotted Diplodocus.
    • If you play the speedrun Out to Pasture, you'll rarely find the Green Diplodocus