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Your dino by a clutch of speckled eggs.

The BasicsEdit

Dino Run is a colourful, quirky game created by the company "PixelJam". Unlike most games of today, its graphics are pixelated. "Pixels" are small coloured squares that form basic, yet somewhat different outlines.  

You may colour, dress and upgrade your dino by either using codes or having DNA.

Move your dino with the arrow keys; left and right to move or run, up to jump or down to crouch. Pressing down in mid-air gives you a significant edge when busy hunting critters. The Shift key provides a boost of speed every 20 seconds or so.    

You can play it in full screen here:

Threats, Sanctuaries and More!Edit

Some things are just plain annoying, whereas others can hurt your dino:

Harmless but can be annoying: Stegosaurs, triceratops, pterodactyls, supersaurs, and horned dinosaurs. 

Dangerous objects and substances: lava, meteors, Doom Wall, and fire.


Sanctuaries are the lush havens that appear after you complete a challenge or Speed Run. They often vary, depending on the difficulty of the level or on the speedrun chosen. Some have feeding holes on ledges, others have small pools of water containing fish. Sometimes you will be allowed an "Eatin' Frenzy", giving you around 10 seconds to stuff your face with smaller creatures. After this finishes you can still eat, but will be given no bones.