Deinonychus was a bipedal predatory dinosaur which lived in North America during the Cretaceous Period. It was closely related to Velociraptor. Like velociraptor, it was a ferocious hunter that hunted in packs and could kill prey
Duckbilled dinosaurs

The Player with Herd of Hardrosaurs possibly similar to a Deinonychus with a Tentontosaurus herd.

much larger than itself. Its favorite prey was Tenontosaurus, a herbivore dinosaur that was closely related to Iguanodon. It had a powerful claw on its second toe, like other raptors, which it used to attack its prey. The Velociraptor featured in Jurassic Park resembles a Deinonychus more than the Velociraptor, which, in reality, was smaller. Deinonychus had a muscular and rigid tail which gave it balance when running. Its mouth was full of powerful teeth for tearing meat.


In game,they run around randomly in groups,or alone. This makes them quite annoying,as they can easily get in the way of Your Dino.They are also rideable wich makes you jump higher and move faster..

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