Yellow Dactyls


Dactyls come in several colours; brown, yellow or red. The brown and yellow dactyls will happily give your dino a lift, but the distance often varies. Whereas, red dactyls send your dino flying backwards, causing great pains as they are usually on fire. 

How To Avoid Unwanted FlightsEdit

To avoid being picked up by dactyls, press down when you jump or run. By doing this they cannot get a grip on your dino's arms or legs, therefore you will not be carried away. Pressing down also gives you an edge in hunting, but makes it more difficult when jumping over obstacles such as boulders.

Density of Dactyl FlocksEdit

Sometimes dactyls are solitary animals during the game, other times they travel hurriedly in huge flocks. If you are caught in one of these monstrous flocks, you may achieve a "Dactyl Chain". This is where your dino rides on more than one dactyl in a row. You can get milestones for doing this.

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