Not to be confused with a similar level with less hot dactyls, Ptero Storm.

Dactyl Dodge


250 (Previously 400)

Super Eggs:

  • N/A



Dactyl Dodge is a speedrun in Dino Run. The stage is aptly named after the sheer amount of burning dactyls that appear, which the player must dodge, lest he/she hinders his/her progress.

Dactyl Dodge costs 250 bones and cannot be unlocked on Multiplayer.

Landscape Edit

Dactyl Dodge takes place on Challenge Level 5. The terrain is brown and dry, with numerous hills and rough contours in the ground.

Strategy Edit

Dactyl Dodge can be a very hard level depending on the player's patience and evasiveness. Since there are several burning dactyls, you are required to either jump over or duck under them.

Activating the Lights Out and Meteor Storm cheats will make the level more complicated. Lights Out will cause the player to be unable to see burning dactyls clearly, though a way to combat this is to keep an eye out for the signature smoke that trails behind a burning dactyl. Meteor Storm can stun you and kill critters, which hinders your score and speed.

Trivia Edit

  • Dactyl Dodge is the speedrun with the highest amount of burning dactyls present.