This is a list of colours that can be unlocked in Dino Run, in order. In order to change a color, you have to save a Dino in Secret Survival. 

The first colour

Colours Edit

Note: If the color has an asterisk after it, that means that it's a spot instead of a stripe.

Main colour Back Eyes
Yellow None Red
Pale Yellow None Blue
Light Green None Brown
Mauve None Magenta
Blue None White
Brown None Tan
Tan None Brown
Yellow Orange* Red
Light Red Dark Red* Yellow
Light Green Green* Chestnut
Pink Magenta* Magenta
Blue Navy* White
Brown Chestnut* Tan
Tan Taupe* Brown
Yellow Orange Red
Orange Light Red Tan
Green Dark Green Yellow
Pink Magenta White
Blue Navy White
Brown Chestnut Tan
Tan Taupe Brown
White Red
White Light Grey* Red
White Pale Blue Red
Dark Grey Black* Yellow
Dark Grey Black Yellow
Red Dark Red Black
Brown Chestnut White
Taupe Grey Tan
Grass Green Green Red
Blue Navy White
Light Grey Grey* White
Grey Dark Green Dark Red
Pearl Pale Navy White
Violet Magenta* Pink
Pink Magenta* White
Grass Green Pale Navy White
Dark Yellow Green Chestnut
White Dark Red Blue
Pearl Light Grey Black
Black Brown White
Grass Green Brown White
White Black


Black Purple White

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