When Pixeljam created the Dino Run Game, they never clearly stated what dinosaur the Player is. Although both
Dactyl Dodge

The Player resembles many dinosaurs, including many Dromaeosaur (raptor) species

Xgen studios and Wikipedia both stated the the Player was a velociraptor, Pixeljam has never clearly stated what dinosaur species the Player belongs to. The Player could be a large number of dinosaur species, but is most likely a Late Cretaceous theropod species. However, most call the Player a velociraptor, not just as the Mongolian species ( Velocirapor Mongoliensis), but a broad inacurate term used to describe all Dromaeosaurid dinosaurs, including Deinonychus, Utahraptor, and Pyroraptor.
Chasing a runner

A small version of a type of dinosaur eating a runner.

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