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Large dinosaurs, or dinos for short, are a group of large animals in the dino run game, that can either be obstacles for the player, or help the player. The most common large dinos are the triceratops, stegosaurus, and dactyls. Large dinos mostly crush all eggs and critters, however while riding a dactyl the player can collect eggs and critters.


Large Dinos are commonly thought to be obtstacles, however in many cases the can help the player. Parasaurolophus can be ridden on like a bipedal horse, which increases the player's speed and jump, although it crushes eggs in its path. Pterodactyls are similar, however the player is able to collect egg and critters while riding the dactyl. Also large dinos like Diplodocus and Braichiosaurus can be used as bridges to help the player cross Tar Pits or Craters.


Many Large dinos will crush and destroys eggs and critters, aswell as slow the player's speed. 

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