There are various animals in the Dino Run game excluding the Player. However, most of them can be seperated into two categories, Large Dinos and Critters. Critters and small animals that can be eaten by the Player to gain energy and speed. The Player can also win trophies and bones from Critters which the Player can not resieve from Large dinos (unless the large dino is a skeleton). Large dinos are typically obstacles and get in the way and slow down the Player. However some large dinos such as nonburning pterodactyls and parasaurolophus can increase the player's speed. Large dinos can be used as bridges, as well as to jump on to get out of craters and to reach eggs. Also, the magority of the super eggs in Dino Run belong to large dinos.

Large Dinos

Main article: Large Dinos

Large Dinos are typically dinosaurs, however some, such as Pterodactyls are pterosaurs. Large dinos are the only dinosaurs in the game except for the Player.


Main article: Critters

Critters are the only animals the Player and win trophies from.

List of Animals

Main article: List of Animals in Dino Run


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