Burning Dactyl

Burning Dactyl Pic
Type: Small dino
Ability: Stuns the player upon contact.
Mobile? Yes
Edible? No
Special levels: Dactyl Dodge, Uphill Battle

The Burning Dactyl is a small, flying dino in Dino Run. They have the same appearance of a Pterodactyl except they are red and produce smoke.


Burning Dactyls are always found in the air. Unlike normal Dactyls, they fly in the opposite direction (left) and stay very close to the ground. Be warned, they aggressively charge at you randomly and will stun you when touched, similar to the volcanic lava found in the volcanic levels (such as Apocalypse).

Avoiding Burning DactylsEdit

Because they fly so close to the ground, it is advised to duck from an incoming Burning Dactyl. Even though it is possible to jump over them, it still wouldn't be a good idea since they fly to the opposite direction which requires good reaction time. They are usually an annoyance when you're close to the Wall of Doom, as they will charge at you without notice and most likely shove you into it.

Burning Dactyls are also avoided when under the strength boost effect, but you only go right through them instead of killing them. Like normal Pterodactyls, they cannot be killed by Meteors.

Special LevelsEdit

Burning Dactyls spawn very frequently in Dactyl Dodge and Uphill Battle, so make sure you keep ducking while many dactyls will charge at you.


  • Burning Dactyls are the only dinos that attack players.