The Bronto Egg is a Super Egg in the Beyond Apocalypse level (Only on Insane! Mode). After you reach the end of Beyond Apocalypse,

The Bronto Egg on Insane

you will see two aliens pointing to the UFO behind them which contains the Bronto Egg. It is white with color-changing spots. Due to the fact that it is at the end of Insane mode, it is considered the hardest of all the Super Eggs to obtain. If the player is using cheats, they will not get the Egg. Due to the extreme difficulty of obtaining this special egg, the player will earn a whopping 100 DNA.


  • The Brontosaurus egg's spots glow multicolored constantly just like the dino that appears in the hard mode sanctuary. Depending on what color the spots are when the player picks it up, The eggs spots will stay the same color as picked up in the UFO in the stats menu. (Example: If you picked up a bronto egg while the spots were blue, then in the stats menu when you look at your eggs, the spots would be blue.)
  • It comes from a Brontosaurus.
Bronto egg

Located at the end of Beyond Apocalypse