Secret surival

The Bearded Theropod

The Secret Survival paradise was a small remote island sanctuary inbatited by fish and can also be habitated by The Player. In its original concept, Pixeljam had planned to put a desert in Dino Run, but the idea never actually appeared in the game and it was recycled as into the island. The player can only discover the island by entering through the volcano through a secret tunnel. This tunnel leads to a bright star-shaped light guarded by three mystic, yellow, floating dinosaurs with feline features. While their exact species is unknown, its can be determined that the dinosaurs are much larger than the Player, indicating that they are a larger theropodic species. It also appears that they have brow horns over their eyes, common characteristics of an allosaurid of carntosaurid dinosaur, such as saurophaganax. Saurophaganax was one of the largest dinosaurs of the Jurassic Era. Its name meant "lizarding eating" dinosaurs, and may have had a similar diet to the player, although there is a significant difference in size. Saurophaganax rivaled the T-Rex in size, and it would be more likely for the floating dinosaurs to be a Tyrannosaur, due to the fact that Dino Run takes place during the Late Cretaceous era. However, their bodies are more slender than a Tyrannosaurus, are smaller in size to the T-Rex Skeleton, and have large brown horns above their eyes, which is not present in Tyrannosaurus. The dinosaur also appears to have a long white beard wrapping around its body, while two others are in what appears to be brown robes. Regardless of what the species of these bearded dinosaurs are, they are the only non-dromaeosaurid (raptor) theropodic dinosaurs in the entire game..

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