Apocalype is the final level in the Dino Run challenge mode. It is volcano themed, and has the most eggs and secrets of any other level.

When playing on easy mode, Level 6 is renamed apocalypse and the actual apocalypse level is not present. When playing on Insane difficulty there is a very easy level after apocalypse, called beyond apocalypse. At the end of it there is a UFO, Inside of it there is almost every species in the game, and the bronto egg.

Twin Peaks, Death Crater and Meteor Meltdown are volcano themed speedruns.

Landscape Edit

Apocalypse has high volcanic activity area of where the dinos have died. This volcanic area will make the dinos having trouble to survive. The sky and the backgrounds will change depending how difficulty you set. Normal mode have purple skies. Hard mode have blue skies. and last the insane mode have orange skies.


Dactyl Chaining in this level.

Secret surival

Apocalypse's first secret level (Only in normal, hard, and insane! modes.

Surival secret

Secret Survival in the same volcano where the pradise lives.

Amphicoelias DR

An amphicoelias in apocalypse (I was in meteor meltdown then I print screen).

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