Amphicoelias was a sauropod dinosaur which lived during the Jurassic Period in North America.It is the biggest jurassic dinosaur discovered yet, and maybe the biggest, possibly reaching a length of 46-60 meters. Its fossil remains were discovered in 1877. But the remains were lost. Amphicoelias lived during the Jurassic period, along with most other Jurassic sauropods in exception to Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus and Supersaurus, received extinction before the Dino Run Game began. However, its skeleton is seen in the 6th level of Dino Run and Meteor Meltdown. It's tail is broken off from the body, and it's long neck is used as a bridge to complete the game.
Amphicoelias DR

A small picture of Amphicoelias.

Duckbilled dinosaurs

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