Alien spaceship

Animals in the Alien Spaceship

After Beyond Apocalypse on Insane, Aliens will come to Earth to rescue the native life (dinosaurs) from extinction. The aliens then relocate the dinosaurs to Planet D, their planet, in a large alien spaceship. The spaceship is set up like a large terrarium, with plants growing at the bottom and a large light at the top to give them light and heat. Many large dino species are located in the alien spaceship, excluding Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Red-Hot Pterodactyls, Worms, Fish, Yellow Parasaurolophus, and previously extinct animals. They would be at the other side.
Space Ship Art

The art. (Found in pixel games)

Animals Living in the SpaceshipEdit


Spaceship in main menu

Alien Spaceship in the Main Menu

Family of supersaurus

The Family of Supersaurus

A family of Supersaurus, two adults (female pink) and two children is located within the alien spaceship.

Colors: Grey, Pink, Green/Brown, Blue



The Family of Ankylosaurus in the Spaceship

A family of Ankylosaurus is located on a ledge in the alien spaceship. They are guarding the Bronto Egg. There are two adults and one child.


Near the family of Anklyosaurus their is a family of Parasaurolophus . There are two adults (male red) and two children.


There are two triceratops (male gray) with two children.


There are two stegosaurus (male brown) with two children.

Pterotactylus Edit

There 2 adults and 2 children. (The one in the left is along with the Stegosaurus)

Your DinoEdit

There is also a family of the player's dromaeosauridae species.


  • In the art, you can see an unknown dinosaur, possibly Plateosaurus.
  • In the art too, you can see the family of ankylosaurus has 2 children.
  • Inside the spaceship, you can see the family of parasaurolophus but instead they appear in different colour, So it's unidentified what gender is the yellow one.
  • Sometimes the alien spaceship can be found on the main menu.

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