"Let's Cuddle!" ~At the starting Message.

After Midnight




Gigano Eggs

Iguano Eggs

Oloro Eggs

T-Rex Eggs

Alien Eggs

Rinch Eggs

Spino Eggs



After Midnight is a speedrun where you finished Hot Dactyl Mess in Planet D mode.

Landscape Edit

After Midnight is Planet D terrain contains that has green lush and grassy hills.

The terrain is green and the sky is pink. The background itself has blue hills.

No music plays on this level.

Some landmarks are founded in After Midnight.

  • Kooky Caverns
  • Waterfall Caverns
  • Cliff Tar Pit
  • Diplo Tar Pit
  • Brachio Tar Pit
  • Pond Destruction
  • Tricera Flats
  • Canyon
  • Yellow Impact
  • Fiery Impact
  • Diplo Crater
  • Egg Tunnel

Trivia Edit

  • The blue hills background can only seen in multiplayer mode when Planet D mode is not selected in menu.
  • After Midnight is only the Planet D terrain has green landscape along with Paradise Lost. While Others have orange and brown.
  • After Midnight has large amount of landmarks that you can easily find super eggs.
  • Before the speedrun starts, there is a message that says, "Let's Cuddle".

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